[Spot] Acceptance check in Spot

Matthias Heizmann heizmann at informatik.uni-freiburg.de
Tue Sep 29 17:09:21 CEST 2015

Hi Spot developers,

I just extended our automata library
with support to  write Büchi automata in the HOA format.

Now, I just wanted to check a few results without implementing
support to read HOA files.
Syntactically my files seem to be correct, (example attached, file
is read by Spot), but I also wanted to do some semantic check, 
e.g., test if a certain word is accepted.

Spot provides quite a number of sophisticated operations but I did not 
find something "simple" like an acceptance check.
Have I overlooked it or is it not documented?
For my purpose it is sufficient if it works on the "usual" Büchi automata.


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HOA: v1
States: 3
Start: 2
AP: 2 "b" "a"
Acceptance: 1 Inf(0)
acc-name: Buchi
tool: "Ultimate Automata Library"
State: 0 "f" {0}
[0] 0
[1] 1
State: 1 "s"
[0] 1
[1] 1
State: 2 "q"
[0] 0
[0] 2
[1] 2
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