[Spot] Segfault when postprocessing large automaton

Reed Oei reedoei2 at illinois.edu
Mon Mar 30 14:14:51 CEST 2020


I am encountering a bug where Spot segfaults when I try to postprocess a
relatively large automaton. I have uploaded the file to
http://reedoei.com/files/smaller-inner.aut.zip; it has 113930 states and
1537155 edges. I tried to come up with a smaller example but was having
trouble doing so. Below is the sequence of commands, using the Python
bindings, to reproduce this bug for me:

import spot
A = spot.automaton('smaller-inner.aut')
B = A.postprocess('BA', 'Deterministic', 'Low') # Crashes here

I also tried using various other others for postprocess such as Small and
Low, or Any and High (because Any and Low/Medium does nothing).

I am using Ubuntu 18.04, Python 3.6.9, and Spot 2.8.7 (but also tried with

Thank you,
Reed Oei
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